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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tips : Formula to making decisions.


hello guysss... Making decision can be tough.. We've all had those moments where it takes us ages to decide on an outfit or what to eat or lunch. But when it comes to the heavy stuff, it's important to go with the options that are the best for you. It's not easy, but these are ways to help u'll choose wisely.

Why Is Making My Own Decisions Important ??

  • Control - it empowers you to take charge. If you allow others to make decisions for you, you're giving them control and letting them run your life.
  • Consequences - You will be more prepared for the consequences, whatever they are, and you'll never be the victim of someone else's actions.
  • Respect - Being able to take charge of your own life will earn you the respect of others. In turn, it makes it easier for them to take responsibility for their own decisions.
Points to Remember
  • Trust your instincts
  • Be creative
  • Get options
  • Don't worry

So, now we can made right decisions... 

xoxo amoi

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