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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quiz : Are YOU Materialistic?


okey, macam pelik je kan tapi betol lah ni.. hm, dapat idea selepas menjawab soalan abg BEN..hehehe So, let answer a few questions and find out what kind of materialistic are you.. wuhhoooo

Here the questions :

1. What's the best present to receive from your significant other to your birthday?

a. Jewellery or an expensive watch.
b. A cute t-shirt that i really like.
c. A poem telling me how much they love me.

2. You want an Ipod Touch but you can't afford it, so you....

a. badger Mum and Dad until they cave in and get it for you.
b. baby-sit or work part-time to save money for it.
c. get a cheap MP3 player instead-it's still usefull at the gym and on the bus.

3. What is your idea of budget-friendly shopping?

a. Anything from MNG, Zara or Topshop
b. I like checking out F.O.S or the Reject Shop
c. The pasar malam or flea market

4. The thing you envy most about your BFF is...

a. Her flashy, super-expensive wardrobe
b. Her supportive and loving family
c. Her overseas education-I studied locally

5. You lost your mobile phone and repalaced it with...

a. A latest Nokia phone or I-Phone 4
b. A cheaper one that's just as cool as the old one
c. a hand-me-down phone from sibling/friend

Check your answer :

Mostly A's : Material Girl
- your main concerns are when and how you're going to get yours hand on the coolest designer gear and latest gadgets. It's tike to take responsibility for your money. Daddy's money won't be paying for everything forever.

Mostly B's : Balance Budgeter
- You value family and friendsover material objects, and if there's a cheaper way to do something, you'll DO it. You love paying your way when it comes to shopping and going on holiday to the beach, because it means more to you to work for it.

Mostly C's Super Frugal
- You take pride in your ability to score great finds that cost almost nothing. You don't see the point of shelling out big bucks for materials thing, and prefer to recycle stuff rather than buy everything brand new. Thrift stores and garage sales are your thing.

heheh moi dah buat... moi seorang yang Balance Budgeter...
korang try lah yerr...

xoxo amoi

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